A great tool when you want to have full control of presentations and bookings, and save time on costly administration. Before we had this tool, we spent lots of time emailing back and forth, now everybody make their own bookings easily all by themselves and I can reach all participants whenever I want with a single keystroke!

Thank you!

Clarity Booking is a perfect tool for managing bookings of presentations or courses. Since it is accessed via the internet, it becomes a very good solution. Earlier we used dropbox and Excel files, but the drawback is that you have to master dropbox and have a dropbox account. Now we send the link to the booking system and our customers can create their bookings themselves.

Another advantage is that we always have control as administrators of the statistics during the time we have used the system and that we can publish the content of our courses and presentation.

A very good product!

Clarity Booking is an incredibly effective and time-saving tool. Now I have full control over my presentations and bookings 24/7. Participants create their bookings themselves easily and smoothly and I do not have to coordinate with email back and forth between various parties.

Thank you for simplifying our everyday lives!