How the booking system works

The main characteristics of this booking system are how it handles events and resources.


A booking system for events

Clarity Booking is a booking system for events, like courses, seminars and presentations. An event is published on a specific date and the number of bookings is limited to the maximum number of participants. Thus it is not a calendar with an automatic schedule where it is possible to make reservations per hour.

Events must first be created and published to the public booking site, before bookings are possible. The published event can include information about the agenda for the event, information about the person responsible for the event, and the location of the event. It’s possible to add text, images and maps.

Events can be renamed to better suit your business. It could for example be called course, seminar, or presentation.

It is easy to copy an event to any new date, or to copy an event to the same day every week for a number of weeks.

Create events fast with reusable resources

An event is created by combining reusable resources like agendas, persons and locations. This makes it easier and faster to create new events. By first creating the resources, the creation of each event is then just a question of selecting the resources, set a date and a maximum number of paritcipants, and then publish to the public bookings site!

Only users with certain permissions can create and edit resources. Other users can’t create or edit resources, but they can use the created resources when creating the events.

Since the resource is created once and reused many times, it can be worth spending some time on the description and images of the resource. By locating the locations on a map, and adding images to the locations and persons, all published events using these resources will look much better.