Get an overview of the booking status of all events


Get statistics in reports in the web browser or in Excel


See where all events take place with interactive maps


Administrators can have different roles with different authorities


Create agendas, locations and persons, and reuse these on several events

Stable operations

Hosted in multiple data centers simultaneously, with backup


Integrates with Google Analytics for usage statistics

Social media

Custom designed sharing links to social media on all web pages


A cloud service customized for you

The functionality can be modified, and new functionality can be added according to your preference. There is even free customization development hours included in some of the pricing plans. This makes Clarity Booking the perfect combination of the simplicity of renting a cloud service, and the possibilities of developing an in-hose solution.

It is rented at a fixed price per month as a service, so you don’t have to worry about technical issues, installations or patches. But still, you can get a customized booking system developed specifically for you.

Normally when renting a standard cloud service, the opportunities for individual adjustments are quite limited. On the other hand, when developing an in-house solution, you loose the benefits of renting a service, and face instead hight costs for development and maintenance. With Clarity Booking, you can have the benefits of both approaches!

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A booking system for events

Clarity Booking is a booking system for events, like courses, seminars and presentations. An event is published on a specific date and the number of bookings is limited to the maximum number of participants. Thus it is not a calendar with an automatic schedule where it is possible to make reservations per hour.

An event is created by combining reusable resources like agendas, persons and locations. This makes it easier and faster to create new events. By first creating the resources, the creation of each event is then just a question of selecting the resources, set a date and a maximum number of paritcipants, and then publish to the public bookings site!

Read more about events and resources, and how the booking system works.


iPhone Clarity Booking

Mobile ready by responsive design

Clarity Booking is a cloud service, and easily accessible with any device with a web browser. With it’s responsive design, it will adapt to the screens of computers, tablets and smart phones.

This applies to both the public bookings site and the administration console where the events are created and published, and where you monitor the status of incoming bookings.